About me





Hello dear seeking soul, it is nice to meet you here on my site!



What defines a mediumship? 


A medium is an oracle and the bridge between this world and the spiritual world.


With my mediumship I will guide you, so that you can find inner peace and harmony and understand the depths of your inner soul. 


I support you to better understand the presages, coming from the other world. 


As a coach, I will also help you to find out your own spiritual animal that protects you on your path.



As a medium, I become one with the cosmic field and connect myself with it. This way I realized, how all the knowledge we need is hidden within the cosmic field and how to attain it. 


Do you want to know, what the cosmic field what information the cosmic field has to offer to you? 


I will answer all your questions that slumper in your heart, mind and your soul. 





Because of the actual situation, my office stays closed for the time being.


You can contact me with a mail, with a call or through Whatsapp.

You can also look up to the impressum.

 Meetings and making appointments will take place on a call only. 

I am grateful for your understanding.


Yours Sincerely


Medium Atakan

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