Mediumship Reading

I as a medium help you to communicate with your loved ones.  The loss of a loved one is very painful, but it can move us forward if we are able to realize that death is not the end, but a new beginning, because the soul lives on. It only leaves its earthly shell.


Sometimes a loved one leaves us much too soon and unexpectedly. This causes a huge loss and many questions are left behind.  Unspoken words arise both from the deceased and from the bereaved.  The afterlife contact serves to say goodbye to the deceased in order to better process the grief.


I help to convey messages and unspoken words.

Deceased often leave signs and messages to communicate with the survivors, for example : you smell your favorite perfume , you feel his presence, you think of the deceased and his favorite song is playing on the radio, the deceased appears in a dream and wants to tell you something.


How I work as a medium: please do not give any preliminary information at the first contact with me. I open the channels to connect with the deceased. Once the connection is made and the deceased agrees to talk, I deliver the deceased's message to the client and you can ask them questions, which I will then answer as a medium, if the deceased wants to respond to the questions.      


It may be that no contact is established because the deceased does not want to talk, the deceased does not find the medium sympathetic, or the medium gets misinformation in, since mediums are also only human.  If I do not get an informative contact, the reading is free of charge.


I would be happy to meet you in person to answer your questions.


Otherworldly contacts with energy

Our community consisting of spiritual healers, shamans, hypnosis coaches and mediums has created together with the spiritual world a technique with which one can contact the dead. Practice has shown that the deceased and the living still have many unanswered questions. Especially when someone has gone out of life due to an accident, many things remain unanswered. When a person leaves, a void can arise and much grief can be left behind. With the help of the afterlife contacts, one can fill this void and process the grief. In this way, these unanswered questions can be clarified and goodbyes can be said.
There are 2 methods:
Once the method via a medium that is the channel for the spirit world. And the 2nd method about the work with the help of the technique developed by us.
Every person can be a medium. By the technique developed by us it is possible to open this channel for a short time. If no contact is established, it can have many causes, e.g. the person is reincarnated, the deceased does not want to or cannot.
If no contact is established, the session is free of charge.
Please note that with certain pre-existing conditions such as heart disease with our method can not be performed beyond contact.
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