Shamanic nature rituals 

Nature holds much wisdom and knowledge:


Trees that withstand the deepest storms. Animals that adapt to any situation, acquiring knowledge and strategies to defy all dangers. That's why a kahin draws inspiration from the wonders of the wild.


We humans think too much about what we want, what is important to us, whereas the animal world follows its very own intuition, using its resources and environment to achieve its goals.


What do you desire from your heart, what is important to you?


With a manifestation ritual in nature I help you to manifest your heart's desire and to attract what you want to attract what you want to attract.

The Kahin Fire Ceremony

In this ceremony, where the spiritual world is closest, I bring you close to your soul.


Feel and sense how new life awakens in you, let yourself be refreshed by the fire of life and be ready for your new birth.


Can only be performed during full moon and new moon.

Dancing Sun Ceremony

This sacred ritual was not only performed by the great Indian tribes, but was also passed down from generation to generation from Kahin to Kahin.


Thus, the ancient tradition was preserved, and at the same time, this dance continued to evolve with each generation.


With my very own Sun Dance, I guide you to give free rein to your inner child and intuition to show gratitude together to Mother Earth.


Can only be performed during the summer solstice.

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