Spirit Animals

Spirit animals, they are our animal companions, helpers and protectors.
They are both around us and a part of our self. They reflect our fears, longings and desires.
Power animals not only give us their strength, but also honor us with their wisdom, knowledge and blessings. From birth, everyone carries their power animal with them. But in the course of time several power animals accompany us.
Depending on what issue, what blockages we feel, another spirit animal appears to us in the course of life. Each of our animals from the spiritual realm has a wisdom that it gives us on our way, suitable for our current life situation.
Do you want to know which power animals are slumbering in you? Then I will help you with my knowledge to find your dominant spirit animal, so that you can grow with your totem animal on your way.

The journey to your spirit animal through a shamanic journey of the Kahin

The first way to get to know your spirit animal is to travel to your animal through a spiritual journey.


As a Kahin, it is possible for me to connect with your animal companion and guide you to him.


Embark on a journey you will never forget and get to know a new, animal side of yourself.


Find and recognize yourself in your spirit animal, and recreate yourself by meeting and becoming one with your very own totem animal.

Spirit Animal Channeling through the Way of the Kahin

The second way to get to know your spirit animal is to meet your soul animal through the art of inner channeling. 


With the guidance of the spirit world and the nature I vibe myself in a deeper trance state to call forth your spirit animal. 


I ask for his allowance to share a bond with him to call and communicate with him so I can share the message of your animal with you.



Are you excited about what your totem animal has to share with you? 

Then be prepared for a joyful experience which will transcend your mind and perception.


Pet communication

Animals are pure, wise souls. They are one with their primal instincts, having direct access to their own soul and to the spiritual world.


In them slumbers instinctive knowledge, they are our best friends and our living power animal.


They help us, give us advice, comfort and ease.

With their instinctive nature they show us how we should live.

An animal companion is at the same time a living power animal, which have a lot to tell us.


With the help of spiritual telepathy I can mediate between you and your pet and show you what your living power animal has to tell you.

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