Atakan the Kahin

My name is Atakan Tekmen, I was born in February 1994 in Kaiserslautern.


I have always been convinced that there is more out there than what you see or hear.


Through my ancestors I got to know my spiritual side. They helped me to discover my abilities and to develop them.

My ancestors passed on the knowledge of my family to me.

I have further expanded and deepened this knowledge.

With it I help people on their way of life.


My inner voice told me some time ago that I am a Kahin.

What is a Kahin, I thought to myself.

My inner-voice went on to say, "A guardian of the universe. A kahin is a seer and a mediator between the spiritual and this-world and balance. And beyond that, much more."


My inner voice showed me after and the way of the Kahin's. To help people and lead them on the path of spiritual contentment and happiness. It was revealed to me how to contact the spiritual world and channel the beings in it. I learned to communicate with animals and understand their feelings.


In the deepest levels of the spiritual world I was entrusted how to use the universal energy to help people and souls.

I support you with my knowledge and experience.


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