Tarot card reading by your Kahin

What does the future hold?
What does my love do?
How does it go on in the work?

These are all questions that can be solved and brought to the point with card reading.

The long tradition of card reading has been appreciated by many cultures.
Already in ancient Egypt, cards were used to predict the harvest, to determine the weather, to interpret dreams or even to advise the pharaohs.

Even today, the art of card reading is in great demand and appreciated.

Today I continue this ancient form of prediction with my own technique,
which I have developed over time.

To do this, I take a deck of cards and lay them out as the cards tell me at that moment.
The number, the way of laying, the interpretation depends on the question asked and the moment.
Thus, a card can have a different meaning depending on the situation.

If you are looking for someone to look into the future and into their soul for you, you are exactly right here.

The consultation


Accurately I lay you the cards, answer all your questions and advise you empathetically and lovingly.
You will find out what will happen to you in the next days, weeks and months in love, at work, with family and friends and how your finances are.
I lay you the cards personally with me in Kaiserslautern or on the phone.

Card reading also possible via Whatsapp or Facebook.

For appointments call me or use the contact form.

When making an appointment by phone only with prepayment! 
If not satisfied with money back guarantee.

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